If you are reading this, then you are obviously interested in either starting a home inspection company, or already own one and want to kick it into high gear. But where do you start?

I have started and run 3 successful inspection companies that are still in business today and thriving. One of the keys to all of those home inspection companies was marketing.

I remember starting a second home inspection company, which was very exciting. But the main inspector I had on staff was worried. He had never taken on a venture like this. But I wasn’t worried at all. Because if you have a good product (i.e. our home inspections) and a good marketing strategy – the work will come.

But we hear the terms “online marketing”, “SEO”, and “networking”, and many other terms – but what do they really mean in real life? It is an interesting position to be in, because who do you really ask. Most successful home inspectors keep their work sources well guarded. Whereas other successful home inspectors are happy to “sell” you their secrets.

In reality though, the marketing end of things is relatively simple. And it really means trudging in the trenches, and most importantly – not giving up!

Another important aspect is to diversify your marketing. If you get all your work from agents, then what happens when a whole office black-lists you for calling out a defect. Or if you get all your work from the internet, what happens when a new guy shows up with a great site that pushes yours down the list.

It’s all about diversifying. That is why we will outline 5 areas of marketing and how to work them. That way all your eggs are not in one basket.

So let’s discuss 5 areas of marketing that you can take advantage of, how you can work each angle, and make sure not too much of your work is made up of one source. Those areas are:

1. Online
2. Agents
3. Networking
4. Previous Clients
5. The Home Inspection Itself

Each one of those seem simple at first – and they are to an extent. But if it was so simple, we would all do those 5 items and just be super rich… but it doesn’t work that way.

So let’s go over this step by step. Starting with (of course) online. We will discuss that in our next blog post

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