Home Inspectors and Those That Love Them

We as home inspectors are a rare breed, but often what makes us so “lovable” to our clients is often what makes us “hard to love” for others. As I look at my daughter and my wife and my friends and family, I become pensive about the difficulties of loving a home inspector.

My wife has loved me and lived with me as a home inspector for many years, and I can’t imagine how she has done it! My friends and family have also stuck with me as well. So in the spirit of understanding, I tried to see things from their perspective.

Below are some of the reasons I have discovered why it is hard for family and friends to love a home inspector. Please note: this is just a light-hearted article, please don’t take it too seriously.

15 Reasons Why It is Hard to Love a Home Inspector

  1. We work hard – and we work a lot. After 5 pm when others have settled in and spend time on other things, we are up late and writing reports, working on our marketing, and taking care of other matters.
  2. Our industry doesn’t sleep, and sometimes we don’t either.
  3. We worry way too much about being sued or missing something on an inspection – and then we end up talking about it in our free time.
  4. We can’t go to someone else’s house for a nice meal without pointing out the crack in their foundation, or about how they have an S-trap under their sink, or about how all the houses in their neighborhood have a recalled roofing shingle, or….. well, you get the point.
  5. When we finally come home from a long day of work, we either don’t want to talk (because we talked all day) or the only thing we talk about are defects, wire gauges, chimney clearances, or issues we saw that day.
  6. When people ask “how was your day” we unleash a wave of experiences that we had that day with clients, agents, and attorneys. We have crazy stories to tell, but not many people like to hear about them all the time.
  7. We often seem distant – because we are. We are thinking about the big inspection we have tomorrow, or how to properly write up vermiculite in the attic, or about a defect we found last week. Our job takes a lot of brain power, and this makes us appear distant or aloof.
  8. Talking about missing things on an inspection – we are always afraid of missing things. We want to sit and enjoy a glass of wine with you, but in the back of our minds, that thought is always lingering.
  9. We let angry clients get to us. We know we can’t find everything, we know that if they went after us we were in the right, and we know that we did the best that we could. We also know that for every angry client there are a thousand happy ones – but that angry client still gets to us.
  10. We spend WAY too much time in Facebook groups arguing with each other…. there, I said it.
  11. Instead of spending time on our relationships with others, we end up Googling ourselves and reading our online reviews more than is healthy – but we know that those reviews are important to our business and for providing for our families.
  12. We try to distance ourselves emotionally from our work, but we really care about people and what we do as inspectors – so we are often fried emotionally.
  13. We don’t always show how our industry affects us, how certain agents and clients stress us out, or the weight we feel sometimes walking into a home and being expected to predict the future, find all issues, know everything that has ever happened in that home (at least that is what people expect of us) and to do it all with an audience.
  14. We can’t truly go on vacation – because we run a business. We still have phone calls to answer, emails to write, and “fires” to put out. Sometimes a vacation can be more stressful for us than work – and we do not mean to ruin your vacation.
  15. In the summertime when everyone is taking trips with their friends and family, having fun, and doing things – that is our busy season, and we are usually working crazy hours just to keep up. When we actually do get time off, it is usually cold or bad weather when no one wants to go anywhere or do anything.

We do everything we do for our families though. We work hard, give of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally, and this drains us – but it is for our loved ones. Even though we may be “hard to love”, we do what we do out of love. So to our families and friends who love us, put up with us, and even work with us – thank you for doing so.

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