Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Put simply, we do marketing for home inspectors – by home inspectors.

I have started and run 3 successful home inspection companies, as well as other types of companies. I have been in the business for most of my life, so I know the ins-and-outs of what it takes, and what you go through every day. We are not a spammer, call you out of the blue, robot corporation type company. We are here because we have been in the same position as you, knowing that you are good at what you do but having a hard time letting others know that fact.

I have had a lot of time, and had 3 start-from-scratch inspection companies to teach me what it takes, and I want to share that with YOU.
But when you think metrics, targeted Facebook ads, symbiotic ads, PPC, and even Penguin 3, it can be daunting. So let us do what we do best and bring our experience to the table, so that you can do what you do best – inspect homes!



Promoting Your Home Inspection Company

Business has changed over the years. The times of putting an ad in the paper, in a magazine, hanging a flyer up, or even bringing donuts to the RE office have almost become things of the past. Home inspectors tend to spend thousands of dollars on mailers, demos, cards, and paper advertising. But the new way of doing business in this age and day is on the internet.

Many home Inspectors are still using outdated forms of advertising and are spending thousands of dollars on marketing that doesn’t get them the returns they were expecting. My yellow pages book is sitting in the garage waiting for the recycling truck, as are the yellow pages and other paper advertising that people used to use. As the new generation of home buyers comes on the market, they instantly go to their smartphone, tablet, or computer. So if you want to reach new customers, you simply have to have a quality internet presence. And that does not mean just “a website” that a friend of yours put up for you. I once had an inspection client hire me because he said, and I quote, “You were the only inspector who had a website that I could see on my iPhone”.

The websites that show up well in searches are well thought out, have great content, are personable, and attract people in a short period of time. A quality site will utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social media, blogs, and other aspects to increase your presence and reputation. You need to be able to attract a client with your website in under 5 seconds and bring them to your website in the time it takes to type a search into Google.

One thing that impedes home inspectors in this area is the fact that many of them don’t know how to navigate this arena. And why should you? You’re a home inspector. You are expected to know more than the average person about hydro-static pressure, roofing issues, and framing. Why should you spend your time working on something that takes you away from your profession? Also, as a home inspector and business owner, you have to spend so much time already running your business, taking care of your clients and building business relationships, that the last thing on your mind at the end of the day is “I wonder how my Facebook metrics are”?

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