What Software Do Home Inspectors Use?

What Software Do Home Inspectors Use?

You might be a brand new inspector, or maybe you have been in the business for a long time, but have decided to go digital. Being able to use a device to take notes, pictures and checking off items as you go along on your inspection can save you a lot of time and effort. However, there are many different companies that have Home Inspection software on the market, so one of the first questions on many inspectorsโ€™ minds is: โ€œWhich Home Inspection software should I choose?โ€

It is not a question that can be answered easily, because the answer depends on many factors. How technically inclined are you? How much are you willing to spend on a program? What type of device do you have available? Will you be able to connect to the internet when you are on your inspection?

After considering all those aspects, you will be in a better spot to make the best choice to fit your needs. We will mention a few different types of Home Inspection software that are used extensively, but it will be up to you to weigh the pros and cons of using it in your business.

Below you will find a list of commonly used Home Inspection software along with links for you to look at their features and pricing. While you might feel like you donโ€™t have the time to compare them all, you should try to find one that is a good match for your business and inspecting style.

Can We Just Tell You What Home Inspection Software To Use?

Of course, the scope of this article does not allow for in-depth analysis and comparison of all the available programs, but we mentioned some of the commonly used ones as well as what features you should look for to help you make the best decision possible. It is worth mentioning that any app that you go with would be a huge improvement over working with older methods. If you do decide on an app to use, you should try to stick with it for a while, since switching from one to another will just require you to learn how to use a brand new program all over again.


What Do You Want Your Home Inspection Software To Do For You?

What functionality should your Home Inspection software have?

Choosing Home Inspection software with the right functions.

Letโ€™s discuss some basic functionality that you definitely want to have available no matter what program you choose.

The ability to take pictures is essential. This will allow you to create reports that will be easily understood and compelling for your clients. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is definitely the case when it comes to a home inspection report. If you can provide a picture that clearly shows the client what the defect is, they will not have as many questions.

Many programs will give you a choice of templates to use. This will take away the work of designing a beautiful report and save you a lot of time. While some programs only have one template, it could be that it is well designed and fits your needs, but you should check out a sample report first to make sure that you like it.

Another big time saver is automation. The more work that the program can do for you, the better the investment will pay off. Just make sure that the automation is flexible enough that it will work well for your unique situation.

Those are just 3 features to keep an eye out for, but there are many more tools available, and they vary greatly from program to program.

What Devices Will You Use Your Home Inspection Software On?

What devices will you be running your Home Inspection software on?

Choosing Home Inspector software that works with your devices.


Another consideration is what platform the program is available on. Many will have a desktop version of the program that you use in your office while mobile apps are used in the field. The mobile apps will then synchronize the data from the inspection so you can view and format it to your liking in the office. Before deciding on a program, it is good to take a look at the mobile apps and their ratings so you can see what other home inspectors are saying about the software. It is important that every version of the program, both mobile and desktop, works well for your home inspection business. Some home inspector software only works inside a browser, and while this gives flexibility to use it on any type of device, oftentimes you will see less issues when using a stand-alone app or piece of software.

What Support Will You Get With Your Home Inspection Software?

Support for your Home Inspection software.

Can you get good support for your Home Inspection software?

Last of all, let’s talk about customer support. While this might not be on your mind when you are shopping around for what software to use for your home inspection business, it will greatly impact your experience. There are three factors to keep in mind. First, what type of training is offered? Does it consist of videos that will help you with your setup and use of the program or is there personalized help?

Second, can you contact someone in person if you have a problem with the program, and how soon will you get a reply? While phone service is the most convenient way to get support, it is a lot more common to have support by live chat or email.

Third, do you have unlimited support or will it cost you? While the support offered by a paid service usually is higher quality, it is an inconvenience to have to consider if a problem is serious enough to warrant the cost of getting help.


Those are just a few things to keep in mind as you go through the list of Home Inspection software to choose the software that fits best with your business. While we might not be able to tell you the number of users each of these programs have, you should have the tools on hand that will help you make an informed decision on what type of software you should choose for your home inspection business. One last thing to consider is finding out what software other home inspectors use through the use of forums and Facebook groups. You will find that there are many helpful, experienced home inspectors that have used a certain product for years. They might even give you some helpful tricks and hints to get you started with your new piece of software.

If you would like some more reading on a similar subject, please check out our articles on Free Inspection Software, Home Inspection Software Review, and Home Inspection Scheduling Software.

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What Software Do Home Inspectors Use?
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