What is a NAP? Most of us love to take them (insert token chuckle), but what does it have to do with your SEO?  More importantly, what does it have to do with your home inspection business? In short, NAP = Name, Address, and Phone number.

For many years now Google has been getting away from static websites that have multiple backlinks (although they are still important) and has been focusing on local searches. So when you search “home inspectors in Washington DC” you come up with a map and lots of little “bobble heads” that show you where those home inspectors operate. Then as you scroll down you see a list of those home inspectors in alphabetical order. So if you are a home inspector in Washington DC, as an example, whoever has the strongest NAP gets to be seen by potential customers LONG before they even get to the list of websites. so in reality, a Google business page and a strong NAP are almost more important than a website in a local search in a lot of ways.

In addition to this, it helps your organic search as well. The more legitimate you look (i.e. having a lot of consistent citations on things like Foursqaure, City Search, etc) the more Google and other search engines trust you. So it not only helps your local listings and on map listings, but is actually one of the more important SEO factors on a business website.

So how do you get a strong NAP? The main word – consistency. Your NAP should be consistent and clear across the internet. One great way to increase this is by using the InterNACHI SEO tool. While it is a great tool, it only gets you so far. You need to register your NAP with dozens of websites and social media sites, monitor them, erase duplicates, focus on 1st tier and 2nd tier websites for your NAP, and then make sure that they all publish properly. One way to test your NAP with our free online tool.

Need help with your NAP? We can take care of it for you if you would like. Contact us and we would be happy to help. Want to do it on your own? We are still happy to answer any questions you have and point you in the right direction!

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