After you have signed up for a plan and received our welcome email (likely how you got to this page in the first place) then you will respond with all the information that we requested. 

It makes your website flow better and have better conversions if we can get all of the information up-front. Adding important information into a website after it’s been designed already is like trying to shove chocolate chips into cookies that are already baked – they need to be there, but would have been better if they went in from the start.


With the information we have that you provided, we start building your website and the home inspection website design process – woo hoo! It is very important to have a great logo – as we base your website on your brand – i.e. your logo.

We build your website concept on a remote site so it doesn’t interfere with your current site (if you have one).

Please note that we do not start any of your social media or any other parts of your plan (except citations in some cases) until we have your website ready.


Once we have the basic website concept done, we send it over to you to have a look. This will be just a concept and not the full website. We want you to see what we have in mind, and then you can approve or change things as you’d like.

Please note that in this concept we have not done grammar checks, things will not be polished and ready yet, and there will be changes to come – as it is just the concept, and usually only the homepage so you can see things so far.


After you have approved your home inspection website design concept, we will start polishing things up and building all the content out on the other pages.

All of our content is originally written – nothing cut and pasted, so we like to make sure it all sounds good.

After that, we will send your entire website for you to review.


At this point, we ask that you go through the website and email any changes you have. We try to keep things very organized for you, so we ask our clients to send over all the changes in one email, and please identify the page that each change is on.

If you have wording changes, we ask that you please put it in a format where we can copy and paste your exact wording. We ask that you do not send any hand-written notes, as they are not always readable by everyone on the team.


For your domain name (i.e. your website address) you will need to purchase this. It is important to own your website address, as this gives you control of your domain name and all aspects of how it works.

We usually recommend Godaddy for domain names, as they have a great domain name service (their hosting and email services are not that great… so just buying the domain name is enough from them). Try and buy it for 3-5 years if you can (for SEO reasons).


After we have made all of your changes, then we can launch your website. We will need access to your domain name to point it to your new website. If you use Godaddy for your domain name, you can give us delegate access.

If you are switching websites, then websites can go down for short periods of time during the transfer process, and this is normal and to be expected. We work hard to keep it to a minimum.


After your website is up, then if your plan includes additional features, then we begin on those, such as Facebook, citations, lead capture campaigns, and working on whatever level of SEO your plan includes.

Then you are all set! Most everything else is on the back end with things like structured data, browser caches, image optimizations, and those sorta things. And that’s how it works!


Tracking – After we have put your website together and your campaign is running, we encourage our clients to monitor the progress of the site with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is free for you, and gives you objective, 3rd party data. 

Website reporting software can present data in a way that makes an SEO company look good, or can even give false data. We are not into this – which is why Google Analytics is the right choice in our opinion. It will show you live traffic, traffic over a period of time, what people did on your website, and where they came from – among a lot more information as well.

Click here to start a free Google Analytics account. You will then send us the tracking code (click here to find it). Please do not send this code until after your website is fully launched. 

Home Inspection Website Design

All of our home inspection website designs are made custom for you. The type, style, color, and features of your website all depend on what you would like to see on your site – but more importantly, it depends on your logo as well. We base your website on your brand (i.e. your logo basically), so be sure to have a great, professionally designed logo, as it will affect how your website turns out as well.

All of our websites are mobile optimized (responsive) and are Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Your level of SEO depends on the plan you choose.

The extent to which we are able to customize your site also depends on the information you give us, the plan you are on, and the content you provide us. Custom images and alterations to images can be an extra charge depending on what you are looking for. Also, the smaller the plan, the less we are able to customize certain aspects (like custom videos, SEO, graphics, etc), but we can still fully integrate with most 3rd party tools, as was mentioned above.

For your reference, you can see our Terms of Service here: Click Here. These terms are “live” and may change from time to time – and it is the client’s responsibility to make sure to read them and be up to date with them. Also, please Click Here to see our privacy policy.

All of our regular plans include free development. We are able to develop the sites for free because we assume you will continue to work with us, but you are free to cancel at any time with enough notice. You can purchase your website and take it with you if you ever want to leave. The price would be dependent on how big your site is, how long you have been with us, how complicated the transfer would be, and other factors. The 30-day free trial also includes the time developing your website, which is typically 1-3 weeks depending on what you would like.

Monthly payments are for the month behind, and not the month ahead. Missed payments may be subject to additional fees. We almost never have done this, but regularly missing payments or other situations that become out of the ordinary may necessitate this.

Please note that some of our plans have exclusivity and that after you sign up, we may not be able to complete your setup if you are in the same area as another client. We apologize for the inconvenience if this happens, but we try to make sure our clients are taken care of and that we don’t “sell weapons to both sides of the war”, so to speak.

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