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The Best Home Inspection Blogs

I have been in the home inspection industry for almost two decades –  as a home inspector, and the owner of Full View Home Inspector Marketing. During that time, I have read and written A LOT of home inspection blogs. Some good, some bad, and some that were just cut-and-paste from other websites.

We have compiled a list of, what we feel, are the best home inspection blogs on the internet. Ones that are informative, accurate, and actually provide good quality information. So here is the list:

1: Our Blog 🙂

I know this seems self-serving, but I have built 3 successful inspection companies – and everything that I have ever done marketing-wise is in my blog. Everything from sample real estate presentations and marketing strategies, to phone scripts to land inspections and how to recession-proof your inspection company – Full View Home Inspection Blog

2: Inspector Toolbelt

Inspector Toolbelt makes home inspection software that also helps inspectors grow in the inspection field. Their blog is full of great articles about advancing in the field, how to start a home inspection company, how to transition into a multi-inspector firm, and more  – Inspector Toolbelt Home Inspection Blog

3: Charles Buell Inspections

OK – this guy really knows his stuff. If you geek out on hydrostatic pressure, the latest GFCI code rules, truss span calculations, or anything like that, then this is the blog you want to follow – Charles Buell Home Inspection Blog

4: Structure Tech

Man, I love these guys. Like Charles Buell, they have some great information about everything home-related on their blog. But they put things in such real-world ways that it makes it really easy to read and enjoy. It’s funny, because you will actually see these guys on other lists of home inspection blogs because they are so enjoyable to read – Structure Tech Home Inspection Blog

5: InterNACHI

Note – this is a great blog, but as of the writing of this, they haven’t updated it in quite some time. We are still putting it in our list because, well… it’s InterNACHI and it is still a really great blog.

This is an easy one to add to the list. InterNACHI is the obvious leader in the home inspection industry. Their blogs are always on point, well researched, and really help home inspectors. What I like about their blog is that it covers all the technical stuff like monolithic slab displacement and collar tie placement, but also covers business, marketing, and more. This is a great blog for any home inspector – InterNACHI Home Inspection Blog

6: Inspector Media Blog

Erik Gromicko is the founder of Inspector Media, a marketing company for home inspectors. Erik grew up in and around the home inspection industry, and so he knows the ropes. Their blog is primarily focused on digital marketing for inspectors, so if this is an angle you want to read up on, this is a great place to get it from – Inspector Media Blog

7: Tap Inspect Blog

Tap inspect is software (we actually rated them very highly in our home inspection software review). Their owner is a successful home inspector, and it shows through in the content he puts on their blog. Great marketing tips, information on running your business, and much more – Tap Inspect Home Inspection Blog

8: Home Binder Blog

Home Binder has been a staple in the home inspection and service industry for well over a decade. Their blog delves into parts of the home inspection industry that really needs to be a focus. Not only marketing and home-related info, but things like changing demographics, buyer trends, and more. – Home Binder Blog

Conclusion About Home Inspection Blogs

Reading a blog is one thing, but getting something out of it is another. Choose which blog you get your information from wisely. There is so much bad information out there that it makes things more confusing than good. We chose these blogs to put on here because these are the ones that we found to be the most valuable, the most accurate, and the most helpful to home inspectors.

Not only are these blogs helpful in one area, but they actually give well-rounded information on a variety of subjects. Because let’s face it, as home inspectors, we have to be a building expert, a historian, a marketer, a business manager, and tech support all rolled up into one. So we really don’t have time to mess around with bad information.

On a side note – if you decide to start your own home inspection blog, post it here in the comments below. We would love to see what you are posting and be able to help you along the way. 

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