A Review of Spectora Home Inspection Software

A few months back, we posted our review of all the home inspection software that we tested and we listed the Top 5 Home Inspection Software. Among the software we tested was Spectora. After testing it, we decided that it did not make the top 5 home inspection software though. I will say, it is still great software, but it didn’t make the list, unfortunately.

Recently, some inspectors have mentioned how much they love it and that they made some great updates. So at the proddings of many of these home inspectors’ comments, I got together 5 testers and myself to try it again.

Spectora is web-based home inspection software that generates web-based reports. They are owned and operated by a couple of really nice guys called the Wagstaffs. They studied our industry and asked a lot of questions before they came out with their software. So they seemed like they were pretty prepared for it.

When it came to testing their software, I got together testers from all over the US, and in different age ranges and with different levels of experience. We are going to go through each of their experiences individually. I will say right off the bat, two of the inspectors actually loved it and are sticking with Spectora, and the other three inspectors said they will not be using it in the future. I will leave my testing experience for the end. So let’s start with one of the testers who loved the software.

First, please remember that this blog is only our opinion and the opinion of our testers.


Tester #1

This inspector is from the Southern part of the US. He is a very experienced inspector and has a few decades under his belt. Here is what he had to say:

“I like it. On a scale of 1-10, I give it an 8.5”

What I like:

1) Easy to use, very intuitive and fully customizable.
2) Clients and agents love the cleanness and user-friendliness of the report.
3) The ability to complete most, if not all of the report onsite (I don’t publish or send on site)
4) Customer service is top notch.
5) The company listens, responds and continues to improve the software services.
6) The ability to schedule (either client or myself), report and invoice services.
7) Works very well with my Android-based platforms.
8) Saves images to both the device and report.
9) A BIG ONE- Protects and does not sell client information.  At least that’s what they promised.

Things I don’t like:

1) I would like to see a monthly, year to date and past year’s revenue index in the Dashboard or Metrics section.
2) I really can’t think of any more negatives for me.


Tester #2

This inspector is a newer inspector with about 2 years under his belt. He is from the Northern part of the United States. He is in his late 20’s and is a pretty tech-savvy guy. Here is what he had to say:

What I liked:
1) Scheduling features are easy to use.
2) Reports seem clear and easy to understand
3) Enjoy the ability to automatically send reports to both agent and client.
4) Also easy to set up payment options and set reports to be releasable based on payment
5) Adding the inspection address, it shows n image of the structure, and shows any information available online about the address
6) Can add agents to address book allowing to easily store information for recall on repeat clients
7) Listing of metric data allows inspector to find where most inspections take place and focus on building business in those areas, agents that provide most work, and best/most referrals, allowing inspector to build client base
8) Offers training videos and instructions on training videos including 55 minute webinar teach you program usage
9) Can send agents and clients information teaching them to read Spectora reports

What I don’t Like:
1) Offers a 55-minute webinar to understand basic features, and would still require time to learn more advanced features… Inspectors trying to jump ship from another program or find a new program may be intimidated by the wealth of features
2) If there is even an option to send an agent or client a video on HOW to read reports, that leaves a poor impression that inspection reports are overly complicated, not an impression you want to give to potential future clients
3) TOO many options and information in the templates.
4) To a new inspector or one used to pen and paper, it may seem overwhelming at first
5) The interface doesn’t feel very intuitive and may make users struggle at first
6) While Spectora offers options and help for new inspectors, seems designed to force you into the Spectora bubble. If you begin purchasing additional options, you may end up spending $2,500+ in software and options.

Tester #3

This inspector is relatively seasoned and from the Southern part of the United States. He is a busy inspector who knows houses well.

What I liked:

1) Spectora has been great for me, but consider that I came from a very antiquated system with ReportHost. Minor bugs but nothing that has caused me a problem.
2) Customer service has been top notch. Multi inspector features when my son and I work together has been seamless.
3) Remote Photo editing has pretty much worked flawlessly except when working directly thru Safari. In other words, the app works great but working within the website had glitches.
4) Integrates with ISN seamlessly so far.
5) Less money then most other options I looked at
6) They seem to really be open to suggestions, which is nice and like a previously stated their chat customer service has been great.

What I don’t Like:
This inspector did not have any criticisms.

Tester #4

This inspector is from the Midwest. He has been inspecting for over a decade. By his own admission, not very tech savvy.

What I liked:


What I don’t Like:
I actually cannot repeat what this inspector wrote – no joke. His review was full of so much angry profanity that I couldn’t put it up. I feel really bad putting this here, because Spectora is good software (and I really debated whether or not to mention it), but I want to be honest and put all the testers’ feedback here.

He said it was too complicated, and everything kept freezing on him. In his defense – it actually did. He would send me screenshots, I tried walking him through it, and it just wouldn’t work. In his defense again, he tried for days and then gave up (very angrily gave up). He tried on multiple devices and just had issues.

Tester #5

This inspector is from the Northeast. He actually works for me and I asked him to try Spectora. He is in his mid-30’s, has years of inspection experience, and is a really sharp guy.

What I liked:

1) Good looking reports
2) Easy to start up. No credit card needed and off you go

What I don’t Like:
1) Really frustrating to use. The format of the site and the reporting software just has too much going on.
2) There was a lot of lag time. The site went slow and I got the white screen of death a lot
3) I tried to produce a report, but I couldn’t get it set up to that point and gave up. Too complicated and too many features

Tester # 6 (i.e. me)

OK, so here is what I think of Spectora. I really think they have great software, but not quite in the top 5 yet. When I tried their software, it was too complicated for my taste. I don’t like all the extras, and I think they get in the way of inspecting.

I really think they have one of the best online schedulers, and I will say – their customer service is AWESOME. But I had some of the same issues that many of the other testers had. I had a hard time producing reports the way I wanted them, I got the white screen of death and things wouldn’t work properly many times, and I got frustrated at having to watch long videos to learn how to use something that should be intuitive (in my opinion).

Many people love their reports, and that is one of the things that almost all the testers agreed on – great reports. I am not a fan of the layout of the reports though. My real issue is the lag time loading the reports. I opened another inspector’s sample report and I timed how long it took to open. It was 2 minutes or more. Other ones took longer, and some loaded a little faster. I tried on different devices and networks – they all just seemed to load slowly. I think that would annoy my clients.

Overall – Spectora is one of the best home inspection software out there. Knowing what I have seen from the Wagstaffs, I am sure I will be putting them in the top 5 at some point soon here. Until then, we are glad they are in the market. They listen to their clients, they seem really great to work with, and they are a great addition to the home inspection community.


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