How Much Does Home Inspection Software Cost?

What are you willing to pay for your Home Inspection software?

Finding Home Inspection software for the right price.

If you read our last article on What Software do Home Inspectors Use, then you might still have one big question in your mind – how much is it going to cost me? The answer is that you are going to find many different price ranges as well as whether or not you will need to make recurring payments. It is important to note that a higher price might give you better support as well as a more flexible program. The large majority of these programs use a monthly or annual pricing plan. There are a few alternatives that let you buy the program for a single fee, but you might lose some flexibility on those choices. For some, there will be additional costs on top of your subscription fee, such as an added fee per additional inspector, fees for extra properties inspected and so on. Make sure that you are aware of what the total cost will be for your company when all the additions are made.

Many of the Home Inspection Software companies mentioned in the bottom of this article offer free trials for a short period of time, so you can try out the program and see if it is right for you.

Here is our list we posted recently of commonly used home inspection software including their pricing. Before you make decisions, it is a good idea to take a look at the respective websites of all these programs to check that the prices are still current.

Inspector Toolbelt

  • $69 Per Month for the full app
  • Free scheduling/admin software for home inspectors (whether you use their home inspection app or not)

First 5 Reports Are Free With No Watermark

Tap Inspect

  • Pay as You Go – $ 5/report Sold in blocks of 25 for $125
  • Unlimited Plan – $ 60/month (40% off Pay as You Go)
  • Inspection Team – $60/mo + $30 per inspector

Try Free for Your First 5 Home Inspections


  • One Time Price – $899

InspectIT App

  • $899 for the app plus $9.95 per month maintenance fee required after 1 year from the purchase date.
  • InspectIT Cloud: $49.00 per month maintenance fee required starting from the initial purchase date.

ReportHost Home Inspection Software

Plans range from Pay as you go for $6 per report to 1000 reports per month for $500 billed monthly. See their homepage for the full pricing plan.

Home Inspector Tech

  • $0 Per Month – Full Site
  • $85 Per Month – All Features Included
  • $40 Per Month – Additional inspector

30-day free trial. InterNACHI Member and Master Inspectors Get A Discount

Inspector Nexus

  • Basic – $4.99 per report. first 5 reports / month. $3.99 per report for the rest.
  • Standard – $54.99 per month.
  • Elite – $594.99 per year.


  • $595.00 USD


  • HomeGauge Inspection Software (desktop software) – $795
  • HomeGauge Companion for Android or iOS – $199
  • HomeGauge Inspection Software w/ HG Companion – $894

There is also a subscription for $59/month that includes software for desktop and phone as well as additional services.

Home Inspector Pro

  • Home Inspector Pro Desktop + Mobile Software 1 Users – $799
  • 2 & above – $599/User

There are many options and add-ons listed on the website.

Horizon Inspection Software

  • Annual – $799
  • Monthly – $79/month

EZ Home Inspection Software

  • Desktop – $299 Setup Cost, $99/year to renew
  • Desktop + Mobile – $399 Setup Cost, $20/mo
  • Desktop + Mobile + Website – $599 Setup Cost, $40/mo

30-day free trial.

3D Inspection Software

  • One time cost – $1,399.00

Spectacular Inspection System

  • Monthly – $59.99
  • Inaugural – $12.99 / report, $14.99 on the App Stores
  • Bulk Reports – $5 per report purchased at $125 for 25 reports
  • Elite – $599 for 1st year, Renew at $299, Add a team member at $299

Inspection Manager

  • Free – 20 Properties 1 Mobile User Unlimited Storage
  • P100 – $65.95 Per month – 100 Properties, 1 Mobile User, Unlimited Storage
  • P250 – $109.95 Per month – 250 Properties, 3 Mobile Users, Unlimited Storage
  • P500 – $164.95 Per month – 500 Properties, 5 Mobile Users, Unlimited Storage
  • P1000 – $219.95 Per month – 1000 Properties, 10 Mobile Users. Unlimited Storage
  • P2000 – $329.95 Per month – 2000 Properties, 20 Mobile Users, Unlimited Storage

All plans can be tried for free for 30 days.


  • $99 / month
    Additional inspectors: $69/mo
  • 999 / yr
    Additional inspectors: $588/yr

Free Trial

Property Inspect

  • Solo – $37 / month or $370 annually*
    Unlimited Inspections, Up to 100 Properties, Single User
  • Pro – $97 / month or $970 annually*
    Unlimited Inspections, 500 Properties Included, $0.20 per additional property, 3 Inclusive Users, $20 per additional user, Unlimited Client Logins
  • Team – $197 / month or $1970 annually*
    Multi-user Features, Unlimited Inspections, 1500 Properties Included, $0.10 per additional property, 10 Inclusive Users, $15 per additional user, Unlimited Client Logins
  • Enterprise – $499 / month or $4999 annually*
    Unlimited Inspections, 4500 Properties Included, $0.05 per additional property, 30 Inclusive Users, $10 per additional user, Unlimited Client Logins, Additional Power Features, Custom Designed Reports, Phone & Email Support

Annual discounts apply to new customers for the first year.

So… How Much Does Home Inspection Software REALLY Cost?

As you can see from this list, deciding on the program that will work best for your needs will take some time. It is important that you consider how much the Home Inspection software costs, but you shouldn’t let the price become your main focus, since a program that doesn’t fill your need is going to be a burden more than a help.

It is a nice feature of many of these programs that they offer you a free trial, but it is easy to get tied up trying several different programs, one after another. Take the time to look at reviews and finding out what other home inspectors use. It is good to consider how much work using your home inspection software will take off of your hands and then assigning a monetary value to the time saved.


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