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Free home inspection softwareWhen it comes to searches that new inspectors make online, “free home inspection software” is something that is searched for more than many other terms in the home inspection industry. Why is that? Because free is better than paying in our minds. So we worked and we found some of the free software (with various uses) that you can use for your home inspection company.

Before we get into it though, remember that things are never really “free”. Why would anyone take time from their family, invest money, effort, and add liability, all to give people something free. Granted, there are companies that do this to an extent – but there is usually something hiding.

That being said, we here at Full View do not necessarily endorse these products – and we have not actually tried all of them. We have put them here in one convenient location so that you can see what is out there for you.

So let’s talk about the first free home inspection software that we found:


HomeHubZone (apparently written in all one word) is home inspection software. From what we can tell from their pricing pageand other information on their website, you can either pay for their software, or get the free version.

We have seen mixed reviews about this software online and in the inspection forums, but they have a decent following of inspectors out there. But with everything “free”, there is a catch. It seems that HomeHubZone has an arrangement where you get the inspection software for free, but they get your client data and get to market to them.

I have stated in previous blogs that I am not in any way for selling client data, data aggregating, data mining, or anything of that nature. But it doesn’t bother some inspectors, and they feel their clients are getting emails and marketing for things that they need anyway.

I will give it to HomeHubZone though, they don’t really hide what they do. In fact, they address it on the FAQ section at the bottom of their pricing page. is a free system to get your inspection agreements signed by your client electronically, and before the home inspection begins. This may be nice if you don’t already have a program that does this for you, or if you don’t belong to InterNACHI (they have a free agreement system for home inspectors).

The only thing I can say is that I don’t see a privacy policy, or an explanation of how this system is free. It appears to be owned by ISG, which markets their warranties and what-nots to clients. Do they keep the client data you put in there? Do they market to your clients? Answer: We don’t know… They have some information on their FAQ page, but nothing that relates to what they do with your client data (at least not from what we could see as of the writing of this blog).

Either way, if you are on a budget, and need agreements signed, they may be the one for you – or not. Either way, its free!


OK, so InterNACHI is not a software company, and they are not totally free because you have to pay a membership. But they do offer “free” software/services to their members.

I am not always so thrilled with some of the stuff InterNACHI has going on with Porch (who bought ISN), or some of the strife that is between InterNACHI and ASHI, but at the end of the day InterNACHI has some awesome free stuff for their members.

One of the items we mentioned that they have is an inspection agreement system. You simply enter some basic data and then your client agrees. It works well and is pretty easy to use.

They also offer a free home inspection newsletter. You just enter your client’s name and email, and InterNACHI will email them a branded newsletter for you for free.

InterNACHI isn’t totally “free” since you have to have a membership, but it does have those “free” services for their members. We are also not sure what they do with that client data, but InterNACHi has privacy policies and and protections for members that you can explore on your own.

Free Home Inspection Software – Conclusion

So in conclusion, there really is no such thing as “free”. But, some of those services above may be a good fit for you, and maybe not.

In reality, paying for services often is the way to go. As you have probably read through some of our blog posts, you will see that spending money to make money is a key to almost any business. But free doesn’t hurt either.

You can try any of those services above, and if you have more insight on any of them – please feel free to contact us, or let us know in the comment section below.

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