Step 1: Online Marketing

Step 1: Online Marketing Let’s take the first of the subjects that we mentioned in our previous blog – online marketing for home inspectors. So this is an easy one. I think it is every home inspector’s dream to have their online marketing so good,...

Your Marketing – Where To Start

If you are reading this, then you are obviously interested in either starting a home inspection company, or already own one and want to kick it into high gear. But where do you start? I have started and run 3 successful inspection companies that are still in business...

What is a NAP?

What is a NAP? Most of us love to take them (insert token chuckle), but what does it have to do with your SEO?  More importantly, what does it have to do with your home inspection business? In short, NAP = Name, Address, and Phone number. For many years now Google has...
Home Inspection Websites

Home Inspection Websites

Home Inspection Websites – Whenever I am doing keyword research, I find that the phrases “home inspection websites” or “home inspector websites” are among the most prominent keywords. Why is that? Well, I imagine it is because a new home...
best inspection websites

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